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HOLDER and COMPANIONS accept the conditions of service and the hygienic preventive measures established for their obligatory acceptance: social safety distance of 2 meters avoiding greeting with physical contact, frequent and thorough hand washing with soap and water or, failing that, with hydroalcoholic gel (especially after sneezing, blowing your nose, coughing, or touching potentially contaminated surfaces), use of a mask compulsory, cough with your elbow bent, dispose of personal hygiene waste in non-manually operated bins and not share objects.

The validity of the reservation is conditioned to the regulations of the state of alarm and the de-escalation phase in which Gandia is, the habitual residence of the HOLDER and that of his COMPANIONS.

The use of the facilities is conditioned by the de-escalation phase in which Gandia is. The main measures will be taken into account the respect of the safety distance, the limitation of capacity and the increase in the frequency of cleaning and disinfection.

PARENTS / GUARDIANS will be responsible for the behavior of the children and that they comply with the hygienic preventive measures against Covid-19. Particularly in terms of safety distance in all facilities and hand washing. The DOGS will remain in the accommodation on a leash, they will only go out to relieve themselves.

In the event that the HOLDER, COMPANIONS or PERSONNEL do not comply with the established guidelines, they will be invited to leave the campsite safely and if necessary the Campground will contact the competent authorities.

HOLDER and COMPANIONS RESPONSIBLY DECLARE before and just upon arrival at the campsite that neither they nor their family members have fever or symptoms compatible with the Covid-19. In addition, they accept the pertinent norms and controls, in the cases that are considered. Pregnant people, with previous chronic pathologies or age can be considered as “risk” and “preventive isolation” is recommended, in the case of staff, their job will be reviewed by the Prevention Service.

The symptoms of Covid-19 are cough, fever and respiratory distress mainly, and headache and muscle pain in some cases. 80% of cases have mild symptoms and the incubation period is 2-14 days. 50% of cases begin to present symptoms 5 days after infection.

In the event of symptoms compatible with the disease, the Camping must be notified at +34 96 284 04 70, the health authorities at +34 900 300 555 and must proceed to isolation. In addition, the Campsite will keep a record and notify the Prevention Service to adopt the appropriate measures to comply with the notification requirements established by the Ministry of Health, which can assess the situation with the visit of the isolated by the medical service.


1.- The reservation requires to pay in advance a payment of 30% by bank transfer, credit card or postal order.

2.- The Camping reserves the right, for planning needs, to replace the selected plot/bungalow by another plot/bungalow with a similar features and located as close as possible to the selected one.


10% of the amount paid until 31 days before of the arrival day.
50% of the amount paid between 30 and 8 days before the arrival day.
100% of the amount paid between 7 and 0 days before the arrival date.

If the customer do not turn up or had not called us before or the same day of the arrival date, the bungalow will be available again for somebody else. The partial cancellation of the stay due to an earlier departure than the stipulated one will not entitle the client to any sort of reimbursement.


1.- If you expect to arrive after 21:00 please let us know by telephone or sending us an email.

2.- On the arrival date all guests with 16 years old or more must bring their ID card or passport. Driving license will be not accepted, thank you.

3.- Bungalow payment: The customer must pay all the stay at the arrival day as well as a deposit of 60€ (in cash) that will give it back at the end of the stay. Nevertheless, in case of damage of the bungalows themselves or the elements inside them, the customer will respond with the afore mentioned deposit. Furthermore there is also 10€ (in cash) deposit for an access car card.

4.- Plot payment: The customer can pay the total amount during. If not it must be paid at least one day before the departure day.

5.- The departure day the deposits will be returned if the customer left the bungalow in the same conditions in which it was found on the arrival day and the access card is returned.


1.- Arrival time: The accommodations CABAÑA 2PAX, CASITA MADERA, MEDITERRANEO, EUROADAPTADO and DELUXE will be available from 14:00 p.m. The accommodations CABAÑA 4PAX, CASITA MADERA WC, CLUB and MOREA will be from 18:00 p.m. available.

2.- Departure time: The accommodations CABAÑA 2PAX, CASITA MADERA, MEDITERRANEO, EUROADAPTADO and DELUXE must be left vacant before 12:00 a.m. The accommodations CABAÑA 4PAX, CASITA MADERA WC, CLUB, MOREA must be left vacant before 16:00 p.m.

3.- Weekends in low season: Check-in could be from 10:00 a.m. and Check-out time could be till 18:00 p.m. ASK FOR IT AT RECEPTION.

4.- It is not allowed to drive, enter or leave the campsite with the vehicle from 00:30 a.m. to 08:00 a.m.


1.- Visits: The camping place will be reserved to camper customers. The entrance of friends or relatives must be previously authorized by the reception office staff. The visit time will be limited to one hour. For that time onwards or the use of any kind of service, visitors will be considered as customers for one day.

2.- Parking: The rate of the bungalow includes parking space for one car, supplementary vehicles will be charged accordingly. In case of a plot rental it is included the installation of a camping-car or a car + caravan or a car + tent.

3.- Domestic provisions: The bungalows do not include clothes, sheets, pillow cases and towels. In case of cabaña 2 pax, cabaña 4 pax and casita madera blankets are also not included. In case or a plot rental cables are not provided by the campsite you must bring your own cable of 15 m at least (type F or CEE).

4.- Plazas: No se podrán sobrepasar las plazas autorizadas en cada contrato de parcela/bungalow, contándose como plaza tanto si es adulto, niño o bebé. Para el caso de las parcelas no se facturará a los menores de 3 años.

4.- Vacancies: The customer may not exceed the vacancies of the plot/bungalow, being a vacancy likewise for an adult, child or baby. In case of a plot rental children under 3 years old will not be charged.

5.- Dogs: Only dogs under 10 kg. are accepted as long as they are not a dangerous breed. The owners of the animal will make sure that it doesn’t bother other customers by barking. If the animal leaves excrements inside the camping, it is the owner’s duty to remove them. In case of repeated complaints on this matter, they will be asked to leave.

5.- Power consumption in the bungalows CLUB, MEDITERRANEO, MOREA, EUROADAPTADO and DE LUXE, will be charged according to consumption. In case of a plot rental, customers must pay attention to the contracted power (6A or 10A) for the support of their electrical appliances. The customer will assume responsibility for accidents that may occur due to deficiencies in their installation (connections without grounding, closures, etc.).

6.- The customers agree to follow the camping’s internal rules.

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