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Renting terms & conditions



1.- The reservation requires to pay in advance a payment of 40% for the bungalows, and 60€ for plots, by bank transfer, credit card or postal order.

2.- The Camping reserves the right, for planning needs, to replace the selected plot/bungalow by another plot/bungalow with a similar features and located as close as possible to the selected one.

3.- The client and all guests must bring their ID card, passport (driving license not accepted, thank you)



1.- The customer must pay all the stay at the arrival day as well as a deposit of 60€ that will give it back at the end of the stay. Nevertheless, in case of damage of the bungalows themselves or the elements inside them, the customer will respond with the afore mentioned deposit. Furthermore there is also 10€ deposit for an access car card.

2.- Expenses: 50% - until 14 Days before the arrival day, 70% - until 7 days before the arrival day and, 90% - until 2 days before the arrival day. If the customer do not turn up or had not called us before or the same day of the arrival date, the bungalow will be available again for somebody else.

3.- The partial cancellation of the stay due to an earlier departure than the stipulated one will not entitle the client to any sort of reimbursement.



1.- Arrival time: CABAÑAS, MADERA, MEDITERRANEO and DE LUXE from 13 p.m. MADERA W.C, CLUB, MOREA from 18 p.m.

2.- Departure time: CABAÑAS, MADERA, MEDITERRANEO and DE LUXE before 12 a.m MADERA WC, CLUB, MOREA before 17 p.m.

3.- Weekends: arrival time could be from 10.00 h.  and departure time could be till 18.00 h. ASK FOR IT AT RECEPTION.

4.- The traffic in the camping, the entrance and the exit of vehicles is prohibed from 00.30 a.m. till 8.00 a.m.



1.- Parking: The price of the bungalow includes parking space for one car.

2.- Domestic provisions: The bungalows do not include clothes, sheets, pillow cases and towels.

3.- Vacancies: The customer may not exceed the vacancies of the bungalow, being a vacancy likewise for an adult, child or baby.

4.- Dogs: Only dogs under 10 kg. are accepted as long as they are not of dangerous breeds. The owners of the animal will make sure that it doesn't bother other clients by barking. If the animal leaves excrements inside the camping.

5.- Gäste verpflichten sich der Hausordnung Folge zu leisten.

6.- Electricity: The consume of electricity in the model MEDITERRANEO, CLUB, MOREA, EUROADAPTADO or DELUXE, will be charged per kilowatt, 1 kilowatt costs € 0.35.

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